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Soap Rack Cute Duck-shaped Bathroom Decor

Soap Rack Cute Duck-shaped Bathroom Decor

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Product Description

This self-draining soap tray is perfect for keeping your soap dry and clean. With its cute duck-shaped design, it is a creative addition to your shower, bathroom, or kitchen. Made for convenience and functionality, this rack is a must-have for any sink or tub.

• Self-draining design :The soap tray has a self-draining design that allows water to flow out, keeping it clean and dry.

• Cute duck-shaped creative rack :The soap tray's cute duck-shaped creative rack adds a touch of fun and personality to your bathroom or kitchen.

• Versatile use :This soap tray can be used in various places such as the shower, bathroom, kitchen, and tub, making it a versatile addition to your home.

• Convenient bracket :The soap tray comes with a convenient bracket that allows you to easily attach it to any surface, ensuring that it stays in place while you use it.


Product Name: Soap Box

Material: Plastic

Color: White Yellow

Weight: 99g

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