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Nordic Home Decoration Stair Chandelier Living Room Decor

Nordic Home Decoration Stair Chandelier Living Room Decor

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This Nordic home decoration stair chandelier is a sophisticated addition to any living room, bedroom, or dining room. With its elegant design and soft lighting, it creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for adding a touch of style and warmth to your home.

As a product expert in the home decoration industry, I would like to introduce the Nordic Home Decoration Stair Chandelier. It is suitable for various places such as parlors, studies, master bedrooms, other bedrooms, hotel halls, and hotel rooms. This chandelier comes with LED bulbs, is made of ALLOY material, and has a power source of AC with a voltage of 90-260V. It also includes a warranty of 3 years and has a wide lighting area of over 30 square meters. With its modern style, this chandelier adds a touch of elegance to any space. It can be easily installed using a cord pendant and can be controlled either remotely or through a touch on/off switch. Not only does it provide excellent lighting, but it also requires no maintenance with its included bulbs.

1. Cold White or Warm White: single cold white or single warm white, no remote control.
2. changeable: cold white/warm white/natural white, 3 color light changeable, no remote control.
3. RC remote dimming: 3000K (warm white) - 6000K (cold white) any remote control dimming or switchable light color.
4. APP with RC Dimmable: with APP/Remote Control function,Brightness dimmable,color temperature changeable.

Description of lamps

12-ball size: diameter 43cm, height 120cm(adjustable)
36-ball size: diameter 65cm, height 120cm(adjustable)
Wattage:12 ball -45W,36 ball-135W.
Applicable area: 10-30 square meters.
Product material: ironware,acrylic.
Voltage: 110V/220V/AC90-240V(Available in all countries).
If you are from Brazil, please leave me a message with the voltage you need.
Factory direct sales,100% good quality,lowest price,wholesale please contact customer service.

▲36-ball size: diameter 65cm, height 120cm(adjustable) ▲

▲12-ball size: diameter 43cm, height 120cm(adjustable) ▲

▲Applicable area: 10-30 square meters▲

▲The height can be adjusted freely▲

▲If you need to customize the height please contact us▲

▲Turn on the light effect▲

▲Turn off the light effect▲

▲Product material: ironware,acrylic▲

▲If you need custom APP or AI voice control, please contact us▲

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