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Livingroom Wall Flower Stand

Livingroom Wall Flower Stand

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Product Description

European-style wall shelf boasts a pristine white storage board, ideal for both residential and commercial areas. Utilize it to stylishly arrange flowers and other decorations.

Style: New Classical/Post-modern Style

Size: 37*22.5*12cm

Shape: pointed

Material: Plastic

Material: wood plastic board

Installation: Wall Mounted

1. Storage: Items such as stationery, books, small potted plants, decorations, and other small objects can be placed on the shelf. 2. Decor: An artful, functional piece, this wall-mounted shelf can be used as both a storage and decorative feature. 3. Construction: Durable and safe, this shelf is constructed from wood-plastic board, which is odourless. 4. Installation: A simple process, the shelf can be installed by inserting the screws into the pre-drilled holes on the wall and securing the shelf in place. Description: This wall-mounted shelf offers quick and easy access to frequently used items such as towels, snacks, toys, and accessories. ]
Material: wood plastic boar
Size: 37*22.5*12cm
Shape: pointed
Purpose: storage

Package Included:
1 set* wall-mounted shelf
The colors and styles of the product may vary from those in the pictures. Slight variations in dimensions may occur due to manual measurement. The product may have minor imperfections, but won't affect the overall look. 

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