Brick Self-Adhesive Waterproof Wallpaper

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Color: White
Dimensions: 0.5m(1.64ft)
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2M 3D Brick-Inspired Wall Decals provide DIY, waterproof decorative solutions for bedrooms, kitchens, and children's areas.

 This wallpaper is suitable for a variety of spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, studies, kitchens, children's rooms, wedding venues, and aging homes. It is suitable for a variety of uses, including government, business, entertainment, and home use, and is made of high quality paper.


Style: vintage

Pattern: Brick

Model Number: 70cm x 2m 1m 0.5m

Material: Wood fiber wallpaper


This Brick Self-Adhesive Wallpaper is waterproof, moisture-proof, mould-proof, smoke-proof, fireproof, soundproof, sound-absorbing, and heat-insulating. It also has mildew-resistant, formaldehyde-free, and environment-friendly features and is extra thick, self-adhesive, water-resistant, fluorescent, and 3D.



Size(2m): 70cm x 200cm

Size(1m): 70cm x 100cm

Size(0.5m): 70cm x 50cm 

1pcs (70cm x 200cm)/pack

1pcs (70cm x 100cm)/pack

1pcs (70cm x 50cm)/pack

Product Type: Piece
Material: PE Foam
Application Type: Self-adhesive


Washable: Yes


DIY-friendly self-adhesion and simple collage installment without limitation. Realistic, natural brick pattern, modern and simple design. Non-toxic, odourless, and eco-friendly making it suitable for a safe family environment. The three-dimensional decorative soft foam offers anti-collision protection and sound insulation from external noise.




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